Star Sirius
A lot of peyote technique experience is needed It is necessary to look and follow the sequence of the photographs, it might seem complicated but with effort and good will you get any result. Not suitable for beginners.
Autumn Mood Loom Bracelet
Please note that my patterns do not include instructions for how to do the LOOM technique. You can also choose other colours according to your taste. Rows:101, columns:23, Length:6.95 in. width: 1.36in.
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #85 (PDF)
In this issue of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine, we are featuring a variety of Czech of beads you can use to give you ideas on how to combine them and create gorgeous pieces of handmade jewelry.
Naomi Bracelet & Earrings
Using only six different beads, you can make a delightful bracelet and pair of earrings. If you only need a pair of earrings, look at my other Naomi listing of just earrings. You’ll find large illustrations and easy to follow instructions in every pattern.
Nerita Necklace
Following Nerita Beading Pattern And Tutorial you will learn the basic netting stitch technique and will create a fancy version of a netted necklace!
Vistella Earrings
This pattern will teach you to make these intricate earrings using the dynamic AVA beads and either DiamonDuos or Gemduos with layered seed bead work.
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #86 (PDF)
Our journey to jewelry making isn’t over, yet. New Year, new learnings, and new creations! In this issue of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine, we’re having two new guest authors’, EwaHotBeads and ZiaLolaBeadsIt who will teach you how to make a bracelet and a ring. We’re also having Zviagil back to teach you how to make a very elegant and beautiful necklace. Have fun jewelry making!
Sweet Dreams
Create a special beadwork necklace which contains Arcos beads by Puca ,Zoliduo, Silky, Diamoduo, Honeycomb, AVA, Pips and Japanese seed beads. This unique necklace was named by me : "Sweet Dreams". The colors are sweet as dreams....
Pyppa Bracelet
This tutorial will teach you how to make Pyppa bracelet. You will receive PDF file with step by step drawings and photos.
Filigree Ring
This full color page tutorial will show you how to weave this ring. This document is a PDF file that includes step by step instructions with detailed text, diagrams and pictures of the finished project, easy to understand.


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