T118 Elegant Black Sunflower, Earrings, Pendants & Necklace

T118 Elegant Black Sunflower, Earrings, Pendants & Necklace
Who says flowers can only be in vibrant colors? Well, here is a sunflower that looks elegant in black, the Black Sunflower Pendant. This pendant is originally made for the Black Swan Necklace, but you can also use any color of beads you like. The seed beads and bicone crystals surrounding the big pearl were weaved using RAW or right angle weaving technique from start to finish. No other weaving technique has been used, tricky though on how to attach the pearl at the middle. At first, the pendant looks, flat but the bicones surrounding the pearl gives that uneven texture on the pendant. Playing with your imagination and creativity, you can also use the Elegant Black Sunflower Pendant as earrings. A suggestion we could give, you can use a different color of pearl to spice, if you prefer. Remember, there may be many variations depending on the use of colors.
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