Cold Sunrise

Cold Sunrise

Making this pendant doesn't require glue or solder. Pictures and descriptions are designed even for those not yet self-confident enough to call themselves intermediate wire-wrapping artists :)

List of Materials:
I've used oxidized copper to create this pendant, but it can be any other wire –brass, copper, silver or gold-filled.

*13 cm (5.1”) of 20 gauge wire (0.8mm in diameter)
*47cm (18.49”) of 22 or 23 gauge wire (of 0,6 mm in diameter)
*1.5 m (59”) of 28 or 29 gauge wire (of 0,3 mm in diameter)

1 drop bead (mine have 15mm x 16mm)
1 copper beads – size 3 mm (should contain two 22g wires).

List of tools:
•round-nose pliers
•flat-nose pliers
•wire cutters

Cold Sunrise is also featured in DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #68

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