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  • INSTANT UNLIMITED ACCESS - simply login to your DIY Jewelry Making account and voila! Access jewelry making tutorials in WEB-BASED FORMAT anytime and anywhere. Enjoy learning jewelry making at your own pace, without expiration, as long as you stay active.
  • ACCESS TO PAST AND FUTURE ISSUES - As of today, there are close to 100 magazine issues and  monthly lesson plans with over 500 tutorials. Every month a new issue will be published and it will automatically  be accessible to Gold members.
  • LEARN VARIOUS JEWELRY MAKING TECHNIQUES - we compile jewelry tutorials of various techniques such as beading, wirework, soutache, bead embroidery and much more!
  • LEARN FROM THE EXPERTS - our contributors include beading4perfectionists, icenibeaddesign, CrownOfStones, MocoJewels, bybeejang, LeelaBeads, MGS Designs, TheBeadClubLounge, HeatherCollingBeading, beadsbyvezsuzsi and many more!
  • ACCESS TO MATERIALS SOURCES - We will also compile sources where you can buy materials for each tutorials moving forward. It saves you time and you can get to work on this materials almost instantly! Receive special discounts from our suppliers from time to time!
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