Wire Snowflake Ring

Wire Snowflake Ring

This tutorial I illustrate step by step, with close up photos, how to create your own wire snowflake ring. This tutorial is suitable for intermediate level.

Required tools:
1. Pliers with smooth beaks for twisting the wire;
2. Pliers with plastic tips for wire straightening;
3. Tweezers;
4. Scissors;
5. Cutting pliers.
Required materials:
1. Silver plated wire with 0,8mm thickness. You can use and 1mm thick wire, but the result will differ from the shown on the pictures.
2. 0,3mm wire with the same color as the thicker one.
3. Strong glue (not necessary).
4. Colorless nail polish;
5. Silver glitter powder;
6. White pearl, around 8-9mm.

Wire Snowflake Ring is also included in DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #61

Read more here: http://www.diyjewelrymaking.com/peyote-stitch-handmade-jewelry-beading-tutorials/

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