Scalloped Bracelet l97

Scalloped Bracelet l97

I've named the bracelet, "Scalloped Bracelet" because I like the look of the seedbeads that forms an arch on the side of the pearls. They remind me of the edges of a scallop shell. 

Instructions are suitable for intermediate students with knowledge of Right Angle Weave and free-form beadweaving.

The tutorial is created to make a 6.25-inch bracelet. If you wish to create a longer bracelet, you may increase the number of units of RAW. 

Materials needed:
11/0 Galvanized Saffron Toho seedbeads (11GS)
15/0 Dark Grey Toho seedbeads (15G)
6mm White Pearls (6P)
4mm White Pearls (4P)
Clasp of your choice
Thread guard
Nymo thread
Beading Needle

Beading Techniques:
Right Angle Weave (RAW)
Free-form beadweaving

Skill Level:
Intermediate - must have basic knowledge of RAW and knows how to use thread guard

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