DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #53 (PDF)

DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #53 (PDF)

We have something or rather someone who we are featuring specially in this month’s issue of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine! We have had a lot of designers who has contributed to our magazine over the past few years, and now we are proud to present to you an issue, with 7 easy beading patterns from Maria Arthur of The Bead Club Lounge!

Maria, came up with the idea to create beading patterns that are not difficult to follow when she was teaching her students how to bead. She was only joking to one of her students that she should start a beading club but she saw lots of people struggled to read beading patterns. This made her realized that simple patterns were a must! The goal was for hobbyist and her students to create beautiful handmade jewelry, using easy to follow, easy to understand beading patterns.

All tutorials are presented with by step images showing each design stage. There’s something for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skill level. Images are also supported by well-written instructions to help you, not only create your own jewelry but also to understand the process. Learning the tips and tricks that our Contributing Artists has shared will help you apply them in your own designs. So, come and learn with Maria, with her easy to follow, easy to understand beading patterns!

These are the tutorials you'll find inside DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #53. Some of them are also available as Solo Tutorials by clicking each image.


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