Scattered Diamonds Bracelets

Scattered Diamonds Bracelets

Suitable for confident beginners and intermediate level, practice Increase and Decrease Brickstitch with the Scattered Diamond Bracelet! With this bracelet, you can explore and play with different color combinations. You can follow the pattern I've created or you can make your own. Adding Picots on the edges added beauty or should I say, cuteness to the bracelet!

The bracelet measures 6.5 inches including clasp.

Materials Needed:
(B) 11/0 seedbeads Matte Dark Copper
(O) 11/0 Opaque Frosted Pumpkin
(Y) 11/0 Opaque Lustered Dandelion
(LB) 11/0 Opaque Lt Beige
Nymo Beading Thread size B
Thread/Wire Guard

Beading Needle
Beeswax (if you will use Nymo thread. For Fireline thread no need to use beeswax)

Beading Technique:
Brickstitch (Increase and Decrease)
Right Angle Weave
Ladder Stitch

Skill level: 
Confident Beginner - Intermediate

If you want a set you can purchase the jewelry set pattern here 

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