DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #38 (PDF)

DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #38 (PDF)

Hello there! How is your jewelry making journey coming along? In this issue of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine, we are bringing you multiple types of jewelry making tutorials! From fabric beads to complex bead weaving and stringing beads together to make handmade jewelry!

Inside DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #38 are 9 jewelry making tutorials. You'll learn something from making wire jewelry, fabric jewelry, combining stringing and bead weaving and you'll create beautiful beaded jewelry with the popular technique, Right Angle Weave.

All tutorials are with step by step images showing each design stage. You will learn from graphs, diagrams, and clear images. There's something for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skill level. These tutorials are bound to make your year an awesome one!

You'll find these tutorials inside DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #37. You can also purchase them as Solo Tutorials by clicking on each image.



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