DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #37 (PDF)

DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #37 (PDF)

Welcome to another issue of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine, where we bring to you a collection of beautiful and wonderful jewelry tutorials from all around! In this month’s issue of DIY Jewelry Magazine, we present to you jewelry tutorials using two holed beads.

Two holed beads can be used in many designs, and here, you can learn just how to use them and make jewelry which can be worn or be made into gifts!

With DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #37, you’ll learn 8 jewelry tutorials for making handmade jewelry using 2-hole beads such as, twin beads, Superdous Triangle beads, Tango beads and many more. All tutorials are with step by step images showing each design stage. There’s something for beginners, intermediate and advanced skill level.

We are also privileged to have an interview with wire crochet artist, Yoola Designs. You’ll be inspired with her journey to jewelry making and what amazing wire crochet jewelry and creations she can make.

You'll find these tutorials inside DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #37. You can also purchase them as Solo Tutorials by clicking on each image.


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