DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #34 (PDF)

DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #34 (PDF)

Are you excited for another array of jewelry making tutorials? Then let us bring to you some macrame, and also some spider pendants and other beaded jewelry turorials for you to make! Try out macrame and you can infuse it with your beads and you would get amazing pieces of jewelry! Also Halloween is coming soon, so let’s get started preparing for it! Have some fun in our latest issue of macrame and beaded jewelry tutorials!

With DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #34, you’ll learn 8 Macrame’ and beaded tutorials with step by step images showing each design stage! If you’re a beginner at Macrame’ the special tutorial by Donna Littlewood included on the magazine will guide you through “The Basics” of Macrame’. There’s something for beginners to intermediate and advanced.

Halloween is just around the corner so be the first to make creepy, but beautiful beaded spiders with tutorials from Amy Kupperude and Natalie Shaw! And of course, we won’t miss giving you wire and beaded jewelry tutorials for making bracelets and a pendant.

There’s also something for your handmade jewelry business. Get some insights about E-Commerce Platform, Bigcommerce!

Contains 8 jewelry making tutorials.

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