l83 Jade Necklace

l83 Jade Necklace

Every time I wear a necklace I always make it a point that the necklace will lay perfectly flat on my neck. Using wire for a necklace made it possible for me, like what I did with Jade Necklace. It may look odd at first, having bent wires for a necklace but once the jewelry is finished, you'll be so happy how the necklace will perfectly lay on your neck.

The tutorial is catered for intermediate level.  One must know basic wirework skills such as wire wrapping, making loops, wrapped loops and linking to follow the tutorial. It has clear instructions and ultra-clear, close-up photos at each step. Additionally, you can ask me question you have on the tutorial. No more getting stuck and frustrated on a confusing or just plain inaccurate pattern.

Materials Needed:
18ga Craft wire
28ga Craft wire
15mm diameter Green Round Flat Back Sew On Gems
5mm Green pearls
8mm Green pearls
6mm x 11mm teardrop Crystal Treasures Mill Hill beads or any teardrop bead with holes on the side
Hook for your clasp

Tools Needed:
Wire cutter
Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers
A jar or any rounded object to shape your necklace

Skill Level:

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