l64 Pagoda Necklace Pendant

l64 Pagoda Necklace Pendant

Pagoda and shapes inspired me to create the necklace pendant. I called it Pagoda because I love how Pagoda roofs look like. Mostly you'll find them in squares, from big to small in size and it is shown on the square necklace design. I then added a bezeled cabochon to add elegance onto the piece.

The tutorial is catered for advanced student. Any basic weaving instructions is not shown on the tutorial. One must know CRAW, RAW and Peyote Stitch to follow the tutorial. Additionally, you can ask me questions you have on the tutorial. No more getting stuck and frustrated on a confusing or just plain inaccurate pattern.

If you followed this tutorial and then sell the accessory or jewelry, please give credit to the author or DIY Beading Club.com

Materials Needed:
11/0 Black Toho Seedbeads (11/0_B)
15/0 Black Toho Seedbeads (15/0_B)
11/0 Black Diamond Opaque Yellow Lined Toho Seedbeads (11/0_OY)
15/0 Black Diamond Opaque Yellow Lined Toho Seedbeads (15/0_OY)
6mm Black pearl
7mm Black pearl
approx 19.74mm x 26.30mm Cabochon
.006 lb Wildfire beading thread size
Black ribbon (size/width of your choice)

Tools Needed:

Beading Techniques:
Right Angle Weave (RAW)
Cubic Right Angle Weave (CRAW)
Peyote Stitch

Level of difficulty:

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