l63 Persian Bracelet

l63 Persian Bracelet

I am not a fan of striking colors but the combination of orange, bronze and turquoise made the Persian bracelet strikingly simple yet elegant at the same time. I arrived with the name Persian because colors bronze and orange are often seen on Persian inspired designs. and with this tutorial, you'll learn how to play, connect and link units of  Right Angle Weave to create a totally different design.

The tutorial is catered for intermediate students.  One must know basic Right Angle Weave to follow the tutorial. It has in-depth instructions and ultra-clear, close-up photos at each step. Additionally, you can ask me question you have on the tutorial. No more getting stuck and frustrated on a confusing or just plain inaccurate pattern.

Materials Needed:
11/0 Opaque Frosted Lt. Beige Toho seedbeads
11/0 Bronze Toho seedbeads
11/0 Opaque Frosted Pumpkin Toho seedbeads
15/0 Bronze Toho seedbeads
3mm Orange Pearl
4mm Turquoise Pearl
Clasp (your choice)
Nymo Beading Thread size B

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