DIY Beading Magazine Issue 25

DIY Beading Magazine Issue 25

Decorate your little Christmas tree with your very own handcrafted ornaments and then prep-up for that Christmas party with your very own handcrafted Christmas jewelry! In this issue of DIY Beading Magazine, you’ll lean how to make popular Christmas ornaments like candy canes, Christmas balls and even a Christmas tree to bring that warm and Christmas spirit in your home. And on that special Christmas party with friends and family, prepped-up in your handcrafted Christmas jewelry, you’ll surely shine and bring smile to everyone’s heart, especially if you could give them a Christmas jewelry you’ve personally created. No worries, our talented contributors featured in this magazine will teach you everything you need to know, step by step. So make this Christmas extra super special! Have a Merry Christmas!

Contains 10 jewelry making tutorials.

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