Jewelry & Craft Pricing Calculator Materials Inventory and Product Management (Excel and Google Spreadsheet)

Jewelry & Craft Pricing Calculator  Materials Inventory and Product Management (Excel and Google Spreadsheet)

This is a pricing calculator, material inventory and product management spreadsheet application that helps crafters such as beaders and jewelry makers who like to calculate pricing of their handmade creations  as well as to keep track of a list or products they produce in a central database. I created this pricing program to help me determine pricing for my handmade jewelries. I also used it to calculate pricing for beading kits that comprises materials used based on designs I created. This program can also be applied in other craft and trade that requires products to be priced accurately. The program will allow you to keep track of commonly used materials in the database. So you don't need to recreate the materials used every time you run the pricing program for a new creation. You can calculate your product pricing based on materials of your last purchases.  Once pricing of the creation is determined, you can save the entry into a central database. Such database will be particularly useful in integrating with you your ecommerce stores. You will be able to keep track of quantity available for each material created in this application, allowing you to stock up your inventory in advance.  For advanced excel users, you can modify the application by unlocking the worksheet using password supplied. Please note we are not responsible to unwind any change you make though :)

 Key Features

  • -        Keeping track on type of materials used and purchased for your business.
  • -        Calculating pricing for your creations
  • -        Creating your product listing in a central database.
In this package, we provide 2 versions of program which you can opt to use:

  • -        Desktop based spreadsheet
  • -        Cloud hosted using Google spreadsheet
Please note that you should choose one of it to use if you prefer to store all your material inventory, product creation and pricing in a centralized database. 

  •      You can key in and access your program or database from any device such as desktop based PC, Android, iPhone or iPad as long as there is a internet connection.
  • -        You and your team can work on the file together at the same time across teams, companies and locations. You can share the spreadsheet with others and assign appropriate roles to allow them to edit or view the file.
  • -         Your data is always backed up, and you don't have to worry about losing it if something happens to your computer.
Pre-requisite for using the pricing program in Google spreadsheet:

  • You need to have a Google account to access google drive.
  • You need to have internet connection to access the application. The speed of the program is very much dependent on the speed of your internet connection. 

The desktop version does not allow cloud hosting. However, the loading time for the desktop based application is much faster than Google Spreadsheet. 

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