N3 Boracay Palms Necklace

N3 Boracay Palms Necklace
The Name Boracay (Palms) is taken from the most popular beach resort in the Philippines. With strands in color green, the word Palms was added because it’s somehow similar to the palm leaves. This tribal looking necklace is created using macramé techniques such as mounting knots, overhand knots, double overhand knots and right half knots. Not only you will have a beautiful necklace but with this tutorial you’ll also learn these mentioned macramé techniques. Jewelry Designer Naz Garces added seed beads and glass beads that added texture on the necklace’s strands that’s perfect wearing at beach parties. In creating this necklace, you need to trust your instinct on how much volume you want the necklace to have. You will find tips and notes at the end of the tutorial on how to help you create the necklace.
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