Beading Jewelry Making Tutorials

Regal Collar
The Regal Collar is a 1" wide netted necklace that looks like it was made for royalty! Made using seed beads, round pearls and fire-polished beads, the design is simply elegant.
Valencia Necklace
This project was one of my first! Use size 11 and 15 seed beads, size 11 cylinder beads (Delicas), plus pearls and a rivoli to create a lacy, wearable necklace. The techniques you'll need to know to stitch this necklace are tubular peyote stitch and netting.
Netted Flat Picot Cuff with Embellishments
Learn to make an appealing embellished picot beaded cuff with flat Netted stitch and simple supplies: beads, beading needle, thread, and clasp of your choice. Netted stitch is simple to learn, but the results are spectacular! The pattern uses a method that is fun and versatile. You will want to use it again and again!
Marisol Earrings
Although I will show you the step by step, I would recommend this pattern for a beader with basic knowledge of beading. But do not worry if you are a beginner and would like a challenge, I'm here to help you anytime!
Embellished Netted Bracelet
The finished bracelet measures 7-1/4" long, but it can easily be adjusted. This project is a quick beading project, you could easily create it in an evening. Netting stitch is used, as well as fringe.
Crystal Bracelet
This tutorial includes detailed step by step guide with lots of computer diagrams and photos of the finished product.
Sweet Echinacea Bracelet
Learn how to make Sweet Echinacea flower and how to join Echinacea flowers into a beautiful bracelet!!!
Victorian Grace
Beading4perfectionists: "Victorian Grace" necklace, ring and pendant beading pattern tutorial PDF file
Cactus Flower Necklace
A bead embroidery tutorial.
Karolis Flower Garlands
In the tutorial you can find detailed, step by step beading instructions with colored illustration.
Sissy Necklace
An extraordinary very much twinkling necklace made with O-Beads.
Crystal Bead Crochet Rope Bracelet
This tutorial is for intermediate to advanced level of crochet bead making. If you are a beginner in bead crocheting, consider your knowledge in bead crocheting skills. If you are brave accept a challenge once I did.
Brilliant Bugle Collar
The Brilliant Bugle Collar is a 1" wide netted necklace that captures attention! Made using seed beads and bugle beads, the design is simple but attractive.
Blossom Pendant
The Blossom Pendant is a SuperDuo bezel that captures a Swarovski rivoli. It is embellished with seed beads and Pinch beads.
Dazzling Doughnut Earrings
Rulla beads are at the heart of these earrings but a row of glittering crystals bring them to life. These gorgeous and simple-to-make earrings are approximately 1-inch in diameter. You can make them smaller or make just one in a bigger size and use as a pendant. This design is very versatile.
Sunflower Necklace
The Sunflower Necklace Beading Tutorial guides you to create a gorgeous statement necklace with three sparkling right-angle weave Swarovski rivoli bezels as the focal point. The pattern uses a combination of seed bead sizes and MiniDuo beads to frame each rivoli.
Spiky Spiral Bracelet
Magatamas create a curvy spine in this Right Angle Weave (RAW) Spiky Spiral bracelet. Accentuated with 6mm round beads and seed beads, this piece of jewellery makes a statement on your wrist!
Scarab Earrings
This tutorial will teach you how to make the 'Scarab' earrings, made with new AVA beads, Arcos and Minos beads par Puca and Silky beads.
Geometrical Essence Earrings
This tutorial will teach you how to make the 'Geometrical essence' earrings, made with new AVA beads.
Gloria Earrings
This tutorial will teach you how to make the "Gloria" Earrings.
Cross Earrings
This tutorial will teach you how to a pair of earrings shaped like a cross.
Starla Earrings
This tutorial will teach you how to make a pair of earrings.
Earrings Valentina
Earrings "Valentina" medium difficulty ... ... big size ... the right module for pendant ....
Crystals and Pearls Pendant and Necklace
This trendy pendant features a tubular peyote base embellished with Swarovski pearls. The pendant becomes part of the necklace, eliminating the need for a bail. Choose contrasting or coordinating colors for your unique look.
Azure Earrings
This tutorial includes detailed step by step guide with lots of computer diagrams and photos.
This pattern is for intermediate beader with basic knowledge of beadweaving. But if you're a beginner and would like to try it, I'm always happy to assist you if you have any difficulty with the pattern.
Waterfall Necklace
Learn to make a beautiful necklace with only 2 colors of bicone crystals.
Scalloped Bracelet l97
I've named the bracelet, "Scalloped Bracelet" because I like the look of the seedbeads that forms an arch on the side of the pearls. They remind me of the edges of a scallop shell. Instructions are suitable for intermediate students with knowledge of Right Angle Weave and free-form beadweaving.
Pearl Drop Earrings l98
Weaving with Cubic Right Angle Weave or CRAW is one way to make shapes and with this beading technique, I created a figure 8 shape that resembles a drop bead. I embellished the figure 8 with pearls and a striking orange seedbeads and calls it, Pearl Drop Earrings.
Level: Intermediate Technique: beading English language, with a lot of photos step by step
Parabola Bracelet
This listing is for one PDF Tutorial to make a Parabola bracelet and to learn how to bead peyote waves.
Sand and Sea Earrings
This tutorial will teach you how to make the new version of the "Sand and Sea" Earrings.
Layered Right Angle Weave Bracelet
This bracelet is a combined layer of RAW in gradient green color while the edges of the bracelet are composed of picots in striking orange color with green pearls for extra embellishment. When finished, the bracelet measures 6.25 inches, including clasp.
Sparkle Christmas Bracelet
The bracelet is made using Swarovski bicone and seed beads, which are easily available. Time required approximately 2 hrs.
"AVA, goes"... religioous
A tutorial on making a beaded cross using AVA beads.
Frozen Lake Beadweaving Necklace
Create your own, charming and beautiful necklace!
Juliet Bracelet
This is a tutorial pattern in PDF format for making Juliet Bracelet.
Tristan Pendant
Dimensions: Pendant is about 4,5 cm wide. Project difficulty: beginner/advanced.
If you love sparkle, this is the one for you. With beautiful rivolis captured with crystal bicones and seed beads in a netted bezel, then the lace-like flowers and neck chain, this delicate yet bold necklace is simple to make in a modified Right-Angle-Weave stitch and netting stitch.
Crystal Sea Necklace
This pattern is for Intermediate to advanced beaders.
De Medici Heirloom
Earrings Peyote stitch for advanced skilled beaders.
Stilla Bracelet
Delicate looking bracelet with many color possibilities.
Fairy Dust Bracelet
This pattern is for Intermediate to advanced beaders.
"Asy" Earrings
Photo tutorial that explains step by step how to make the "Asy" earrings/pendant. It requires basic knowledge on the use of the khéops beads.
Sweet Sixteen Necklace
This beading tutorial will teach you how to create a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry using basic bead weaving techniques.
Mandalamay Pendant
Made with Beads designed by Annick Puca, the Arcos®, Ios® and Kheops® beads slot together perfectly to form this rather stunning mandala pendant. Overlaid with seed beads, the different elements make the whole.
Ines Earrings
Swarovski, Arcos par Puca, O Beads, Pinch Beads and seed beads are the components of my new project, the *Ines* Earrings.
Twist and Turn Bracelet
Two colours of 4mm round pearls intertwine in a delicate spiral in this beaded bracelet.
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