All About Kumihimo

Kumihimo is an ancient braiding technique that originated in Japan which means “gathered threads.” Made of strands of silk, Kumihimo cords were used as a functional and decorative lace for a samurai’s lamelair and horse’s armour. The cords, though slender but very strong has multitude uses that nowadays, they are also used as obijime for tying a kimono sash and haori jackets.

KumihimoDuring the ancient Japanese times, Kumihimo cords were created using finger-looping technique and take a long time to finish a simple Kumihimo cord. We are very lucky that now, Kumihimo discs are available. The discs serve as marudai and takadai and plastic bobbins are now used as tama. Kumihimo discs are also very affordable compared to the traditional Japanese braiding tools. What’s fun using Kumihimo discs is that they’re made of foam so it’s lightweight and portable. You can easily store the disc inside your shoulder bag and you can even braid while traveling, unlike a marudai and takadai that is stationary. Different shapes and sizes of discs are also available.


KumihimoLet’s take a closer look at some Kumihimo disc available in the market. You can create Kumihimo cords using round or square discs which are available in small and big sizes.

The discs have 12, 24 to 32 notches. The more notches the disc has, the more complex braid designs you can create. With the round disc, you can create cords and with the square disc, you can create flat braids. Kumihimo nowadays plays a part in the fashion and style industry for they are popular as an accessory and jewelry. Sometimes they are also called friendship bracelets.

Now, let’s begin and learn basic braiding technique using a 12-Kumihimo disc and create a beaded Kumihimo bracelet.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Now, try making your own Kumihimo jewelry!

Kumihimo Durable, practical and reusable. Lightweight, very convenient to carry out. Creating a beautiful braid with this braiding disk. Good weaving tool for weaving rope, very simple to use.

Material: Foam
Size: 10*10cm/15*15cm
Quantity: 2Pcs
Shape: Square Round
Color: White
Type: Braiding Disks


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