All About Chainmaille with DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #77

Necklace Beading Patterns and Tutorials

So often we forget about Chainmaille Jewelry. Maybe it is because we tend to focus more and find it attractive using colorful beads, but the shine and intricate linking of jump rings can be as attractive and fabulous as any other type of jewelry.

In this issue of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine and in collaboration with Samantha Zinnel of IMN4IT, we will be focusing on making Chainmaille Jewelry. Learn the basics, where to find resources and start with a few simple designs so you can experience the fun and beauty of making Chainmaille Jewelry.



Here’s what you’ll learn with DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #77!

A comprehensive guide about Chainmaille With 16 Patterns to Learn A guide on how to use O-rings With 18 Patterns to Learn Additional Resources &Charts

Meet our Contributor!

Samantha Zinnel

I am Samantha Zinnel, a simple at home mom in Huntsville, Alabama. I have been doing jewelry since 2004. I make all kinds but my passion is Chainmaille and Rubbermaille. I became fascinated with it when I was in my teens. My family would go to Renaissance Festivals in Atlanta twice a year. I made jewelry all my life for family and friends, I was brought up on the principle of “I can make that.” So I am completely self-taught. I didn’t start to think of selling it until I was encouraged by them.

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