2-Hole Crescent Beads Jewelry Making Tutorials

Have you been updating your 2-hole bead supplies? How many 2-hole beads do you know? I guess the most popular 2-hole beads would be the Superdous and Twin beads. I love these beads and have published a number of jewelry making tutorials with superdous and twin beads. Correct me if I’m wrong, I think they’re also the first 2-hole beads that came out the market, but today, we’ll talk about 2-hole crescent beads.

Measuring 3x7mm, crescent beads are 2-hole beads shaped like a slice of orange and just like a slice of orange, the inner side is thinner than the outer side. It also resembles a crescent moon.

Now, how do you incorporate crescent beads into your beading and jewelry making? Here are some great ideas!


Happy jewelry making and ciao!