2-Hole Beads Beading with ZoliDuo

It seems 2-hole beads beading is really becoming a trend. Two-hole beads are really becoming popular and many unique shapes are being manufactured and Zolidou is one of them.

Image from Potomac Bead Company

Zoliduo beads are coma-like shaped beads. Created by the Czech Republic, its unique shape enables a wide application for jewelry making. The narrow end has a flat side that is also suitable for beads sewing and because of the right/left narrow end, the whole bead is shapely curved, fits when side by side, making it effective putting together and thus bringing new opportunities for your creation.

Let’s have a look at how Allie Buchman’s created the ZoliDuo Fan Pendant. Allie created the two versions of the fan pendant. One pendant using ZoliDuo going left and the other going right directions.

You can also combine the ZoliDuo left and right in one design, just like how Teresa Morse did with her Juliet Bracelet. First, Teresa started creating a component by stringing Superduos and Zoliduos and then weaved in a circular direction. She then continued to weave in a circular direction adding more Superduos and pearls, making the component wider.

Now, if you continue to add more Superduos and seedbeads and create more components, you will have a lovely bracelet.


Why not create your own Zoliduo Juliet Bracelet in different color? Teresa Morse is featured in DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #63, together with beading4perfectionists, Svetush and biZSUterie.

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