16 Strands Beaded Kumihimo Pattern: Pink & Black by Elena Komina

Pink & Black is now published as part of DIY Jewelry Making #62. This tutorial is written by one of our contributors – Elena Komina.  Kumihimo nowadays plays a part in the fashion and style industry for they are popular as an accessory and jewelry. Sometimes they are also called friendship bracelets. Now, let’s begin and create this easy to learn braiding technique. For step by step instruction, do log in to our member area to follow this project. If you are not a member yet, just subscribe from the link here.




 Below is a sneak preview of what you will see from the step by step guide available in our member area.


Pattern is designed for 10/0 or 11/0 size seed beads. String seed beads to 16 strands according pattern below. Numbers in the left are numbers of strands. Read pattern from left to right and repeat as many times as you need. Use placement image below to number place strands in the slots of kumihimo disk. Move strands according red arrows – top left goes down, bottom right goes up. Always start braiding with 1st bead of the 1st strand.

Colors: transparent pink, transparent pink with silver center, black



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