$1 PDF Jewelry Making Tutorial

Perfect for beginners who want to try making their own jewelry. These tutorials are very basic and easy to understand. Another good thing is it’s only $1!

Make a simple bangle with rich red pearls looking likes yummy cherries on parade! The tutorial is catered for confident beginners or anyone who loves to learn this basic wirework technique.  It has in-depth instructions and ultra-clear, close-up photos at each step.

This tutorial is a variation of the Celtic Star Chainmaille technique, a simple yet beautiful technique with so many possibilities. With the Celtic Star Chainmaille, you can create motifs and link them together to create a necklace or bracelet, or you can choose to create the Celtic Star Chain Maille as a solo piece and use it as a pendant or like in this tutorial, a pair of earrings. Just use your imagination and you’ll create wonders with chainmaille technique.

This is a 20-inch elegant choker necklace made of turquoise chips. This project looks rather complicated but it is actually very easy to do. You can wear it on different occasions. You can even wear it while having fun at the beach and surely you will look elegant, just like a princess. Creating this necklace involves knowledge in basic crochet and is suited for confident beginners. This tutorial is jointly developed by Naz Garces and XQDesigns.

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